Ultimate Flexibility for Fleet Disposal: Introducing Multi-Channel Remarketing

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In a significant stride toward revolutionising fleet disposal strategies, epyx unveils a ground-breaking feature this month, promising fleets a level of control over car, van, and truck disposal like never before.

Termed Multi-Channel Remarketing, this innovative feature is seamlessly integrated into epyx’s renowned 1link Disposal Network Platform. It offers fleets unparalleled flexibility in pricing and choosing remarketing routes. For instance, fleet vendors can now opt to place a vehicle simultaneously in both trade and retail channels, each at a distinct price point.

What sets Multi-Channel Remarketing apart is its granular level of control. Fleet managers can allocate vehicles individually or automatically based on various criteria such as brand, model, mileage, and value. This dynamic allocation ensures optimal pricing and placement across a diverse spectrum of sales channels integrated with the 1link Disposal Network Platform.

According to Tim Meadows, chief commercial officer, the platform’s interface encompasses a wide array of retail and trade options, offering fleets unprecedented control over their disposal strategies. He highlights, “The key strength of 1link Disposal Network lies in the control it provides fleets, enabling them to allocate defleeted vehicles to the best possible remarketing channel in a completely agnostic manner.”

Meadows further elaborates on the significance of the Multi-Channel Remarketing tool in the current market landscape, where used vehicle values have experienced a notable decline in recent months. “Fleets are increasingly receptive to more refined disposal strategies,” he notes. “With the market transitioning back to pre-pandemic norms, fleet managers are compelled to adopt proactive approaches to maximise value.”

1link Disposal Network, established in 2005, stands as a testament to epyx’s commitment to providing powerful solutions for fleet management. Having facilitated over 500,000 vehicle sales, the platform continues to evolve, with further enhancements on the horizon.

Tim Meadows concludes, “The developments introduced to 1link Disposal Network are tailored to empower fleets with the right tools to navigate the evolving market dynamics effectively. It’s about equipping fleets with the means to optimise their disposal strategies precisely when they need it most.”

With Multi-Channel Remarketing paving the way for a new era of fleet disposal, fleets can expect enhanced control, efficiency, and maximised residual values in their remarketing endeavours.

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