New feature allows dealers to show defleeted vehicles alongside their own stock

A recently introduced feature can allow dealers to present vehicles being sold by major fleets alongside their own stock.

Dealer Showroom is designed to be used by a customer when they have approached a dealer looking for a particular car, van or truck and a matching vehicle is available on 1link Trade Buyer.

The details of the vehicle appear to the dealer in a white label format with in-depth photographs and full description which allows them to add branding and pricing, which can then be sent to the buyer digitally.

Tim Meadows, Chief Commercial Officer, said “This is a really useful way for dealers to extend their stock reach. We have around 1,200 vehicles available on 1link Trade Buyer at any one time so, if a potential buyer has particular needs, there is a good chance that something suitable will be available.

“The retailer can present that vehicle to the customer alongside their own stock, which it effectively becomes. If they want to go ahead, it can be bought and delivered to the showroom, often in ready-to-retail condition in a matter of days.

“We believe that this is a really effective tool for proactive dealers and the response from users of 1link Trade Buyer has been enthusiastic. They can very much appreciate how it can be used to drive sales.”

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