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Fleet servicing lead times up 57% since start of pandemic

Lead times for fleet service, maintenance and repair (SMR) have risen by more than 57% since the start of the pandemic, according to new data from our 1link Service Network platform. In January 2020, the average time between when a company car or van booking was created to when the vehicle went in for work…
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Northern Ireland is UK’s worst region and North West is best for fleet vehicle off-road times

Northern Ireland has the longest average fleet vehicle off-road (VOR) times in the UK at 2.40 days, according to new figures we’ve released. In comparison, the shortest VOR wait is in the North West, with 1.82 days between when a car or van enters a workshop and is finally repaired. The statistics have been compiled…
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Engine management faults head up list of used car warranty claims

Our analysis shows engine management faults head up the list of claims made against used car warranties in the last eighteen months. The remainder of the five most common issues recorded are, in order, air conditioning systems, oxygen sensors, battery charging circuits and water pumps. The analysis uses data drawn from almost 418,000 policies. Our…
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Electric car mileage myth “busted” by new epyx data

The myth that electric company cars are generally adopted by lower mileage drivers than petrol or diesel equivalents has been “busted” by new data we’ve released. For vehicles registered between October 2018 and October 2020, there is almost no difference between the average distance to date that each fuel type has covered – with electric…
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Are franchise dealers required more for EV SMR than ICE Vehicles?

The idea that franchise dealers are required more for electric vehicle (EV) service, maintenance and repair (SMR) than their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts is a “myth”, new research shows. Statistics taken from our 1link Service Network platform, used to manage SMR for more than four million company vehicles largely operated by leasing companies, show…
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Connected vehicle technology set to be embraced by the remarketing sector

We believe that the Remarketing sector is beginning to embrace new solutions around connected vehicle data as a way to deep-dive the key health indicators for a car or van throughout its lifecycle. Debbie Fox, our commercial director at epyx, said that they had been involved in several encouraging conversations throughout the sector – ranging…
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Data suggests 14% of all fleet cars and vans now electrified

New data from epyx suggests that 14% of cars and vans operated by fleets are now either hybrid or battery electric vehicles. The figure is taken from our 1link Service Network platform, used by fleets totalling four million vehicles to buy and manage service, maintenance and repair (SMR) from nearly 9,000 franchise dealers, independent garages…
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Brake pad particulates

Brake pads and discs head epyx’s “authoritative” new UK SMR Top 20

Brake pads and discs are the most common reason UK fleet vehicles enter workshops according to an “authoritative” new UK service, maintenance and repair (SMR) Top 20 released by epyx. The table is based on information from our 1link Service Network platform. The data shows the percentage of invoice line items for a range of…
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Fleet technology

Delivering relevant data at the right time is future of fleet technology

Delivering relevant information to fleet decision makers at the right time represents the future of fleet technology, otherwise there is a risk of “drowning in data”. Tim Meadows, VP and Commercial Director at epyx, says that the amount of data being produced is set to rise exponentially. “We are in a position where fleets already…
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1link Live

Getting everyone together to talk about 1link

Users of epyx’s 1link fleet platforms together operate more than four million company vehicles, so it is probably going to be impossible to ever get them all in the same room. However, we’ve just done what might be the next best thing in holding our first-ever 1link Live event, which brought more than 150 of…
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