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Fleets need to look carefully at contract extensions from SMR angle

Fleets extending replacement cycles in the wake of the coronavirus crisis need to consider the impact from a service, maintenance and repair (SMR) angle. Debbie Fox, Commercial Director at epyx, says that the SMR profiles of many vehicles often involves considerable extra expense in years four and five. She explained: “It seems like an obvious…
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Vans set to power daily rental recovery as volumes hit 60% of pre-lockdown levels

Vans look set to power the recovery in daily rental, we’re predicting at epyx, with overall volumes on our 1link Hire Network platform now hitting 60% of pre-lockdown levels. Tim Meadows, Vice President and Commercial Director, said: “At first glance, reaching 60% may not necessarily sound like a recovery but, during the quietest parts of…
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Epyx: 1link Service Network - vehicle maintenance

Fleets need to manage safety “triple threat”

As businesses have started to emerge from the coronavirus crisis, epyx has been tracking a series of trends that could pose a danger to company car and van safety. We’re calling it a “triple threat” to service, maintenance and repair (SMR) that is starting to become visible through our 1link Service Network platform, used by…
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What is the future of business transport?

One of the major questions that UK businesses are asking as they start to emerge from lockdown is whether the relationship between business and transport has changed forever? It’s a big subject that we’ve certainly been discussing at epyx over recent weeks – and one to which there are probably a wide range of answers.…
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Fleet managment: SMR

Fleet servicing and maintenance back at 60% of pre-coronavirus level

We’ve seen a strong sign that businesses are returning to work with fleet service, maintenance and repair (SMR) now back up to 60% of pre-coronavirus levels. We’re basing this assessment on activity through 1link Service Network. Tim Meadows, Vice President and Commercial Director at epyx, said: “In April, soon after lockdown, the number of jobsheets…
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Who should pay for vehicle sanitisation?

One of the interesting questions that has emerged as we start to come out of lockdown is the issue of sanitisation charges and who pays them. There appears to be general agreement among both fleets and garages that after vehicles have undergone service, maintenance and repair (SMR) work, they will need sanitising thoroughly before they…
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How to manage alternatives to public transport for business travel

Do any of your employees use public transport for business travel, aside from their normal commute? In that case, a new poll from IPSOS MORI* may be of interest to you, showing that 61% of people would be reluctant to travel using buses or trains in the future because of the risk of catching coronavirus.…
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Guidance on reducing the risk of spreading coronavirus in your car

One of the many questions that COVID-19 has raised for the motor industry is how to clean vehicles to try and ensure they are as free of the virus as can reasonably be expected. This issue applies to almost any part of the supply chain where there are multiple drivers or passengers of a car…
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Why mobile mechanics could have a key role to play during the lockdown

At epyx, we’re currently highlighting the particular advantages of mobile mechanics for fleets delivering essential services during the coronavirus lockdown. While a relatively large number of workshops are staying open through the crisis, it seems to us that mobile has an important role to play at the moment in supporting those on the frontline. Firstly,…
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