Fleets given greater control over where cars and vans are serviced with new rules engine

Fleets are being given greater control over where their cars and vans are sent for service, maintenance and repair (SMR) with new technology being introduced this month. The rules engine is an addition to our Driver Booking Module which can be used to steer company vehicles towards SMR providers that are most suited to their…
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Are franchise dealers required more for EV SMR than ICE Vehicles?

The idea that franchise dealers are required more for electric vehicle (EV) service, maintenance and repair (SMR) than their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts is a “myth”, new research shows. Statistics taken from our 1link Service Network platform, used to manage SMR for more than four million company vehicles largely operated by leasing companies, show…
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Connected vehicle penetration into fleet parc shows potential for data

New research we have undertaken shows that for new vehicle registrations between 2020 and 2022, the percentage of connected internal combustion engine (ICE) cars and vans registered on our 1link Service Network platform has risen from 62% to 76%, while the percentage of connected electric vehicles has also increased – from 94% to 97%. Matt…
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Connected Vehicle

How connected car technology could transform fleet remarketing

Debbie Fox, commercial director, epyx At epyx, we’ve recently been looking in-depth at the possibilities presented by connected car technology – and one of the key conclusions we’ve reached is that there is potential for its use in remarketing in a manner that could be described as transformative. The huge advantage for the used car…
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1link Product Status

Why fleets are increasingly automating disposal

Debbie Fox, commercial director, epyx When it comes to major fleets that sell thousands of cars and vans every year, you’ll probably agree that the term ‘disposal’ is inadequate to describe the complex and varied processes they need to complete. Instead, it’s better to think of the whole undertaking as something like ‘end of contract…
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Connected vehicle technology set to be embraced by the remarketing sector

We believe that the Remarketing sector is beginning to embrace new solutions around connected vehicle data as a way to deep-dive the key health indicators for a car or van throughout its lifecycle. Debbie Fox, our commercial director at epyx, said that they had been involved in several encouraging conversations throughout the sector – ranging…
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Connected vehicle data will soon become “successor product” to telematics for fleets, we predict

We are predicting that connected vehicle technology will become the “successor product” to telematics for fleets over the next few years as the data it provides becomes more widely available in commercially viable formats. Connected vehicle data offers key advantages over telematics including the fact that information comes direct from the vehicle and avoids the…
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Vehicle Movements

Fleets look to reduce vehicle remarketing movements to meet net-zero targets

Major fleets are increasingly seeking to reduce vehicle movements in order to minimise the carbon footprint of their remarketing activities.   Working with several large vehicle leasing companies through our 1link Disposal Network platform, the subject is increasingly a discussion point and is also being made part of some disposal policies. Debbie Fox, commercial director…
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Used car supply is improving, but what does that mean for you?

Debbie Fox, commercial director, epyx Finally, it looks as though the used car and van stock situation is starting to ease a little after two years of unprecedented market conditions. We’ve seen the numbers of vehicles published on 1link Disposal Network rise by 63% in February versus January, which is a substantial increase, and trading…
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What will you do when the semiconductor crisis ends?

Debbie Fox, Commercial Director, epyx It’s a question that perhaps few vehicle leasing companies appear to have yet considered but some experts are predicting that new car and van production will start to normalise relatively soon. That moment could represent a significant change for remarketing strategies, as the used car markets subsequently readjust over time…
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