EV charging

Disposal conversion rates for EVs close to petrol and diesel during 2023

Data taken from our 1link Disposal Network platform over the course of 2023 showed disposal conversion rates for electric vehicles (EVs) were close to their petrol and diesel equivalents and beat plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). In total, 91% of EVs found buyers when made available through trade sales to dealers, compared to 94% for petrol and…
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New 1link Disposal Network tool lets fleets add “special offers” to promote disposals

1link Disposal Network has launched a new tool called Campaign Manager which can be used to apply a range of incentives such as, low-interest stocking loads and free delivery, to remarketed vehicles. Tim Meadows, chief commercial officer said: ” Campaign Manager gives remarketing managers access to a range of special offers that are used every…
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