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Average age of fleet cars and vans continued to rise in 2023

Our new data shows that, in 2023, the average age of fleet cars and vans continued to rise. The average age of a fleet car in 2023, at the point of service or repair, was 3.00 years, compared to 2.86 in 2022, 2.74 in 2021, 2.55 in 2020 and 2.40 in 2019. For vans, the…
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1link Service Network fleet transactions increased by 6% in 2023

Our 1link Service Network Platform saw a 6% increase in transactions during 2023. 1link Service Network also enjoyed a strong year internationally, with invoices raised by users in Denmark rising by 22%, by 12% in Ireland, by 8% in France and by 7% in Portugal. Tim Meadows, Chief Commercial Officer, said that 2023’s figures followed…
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