Company cars fitted with 18 inch-plus tyres increase by a third in three years

The percentage of company cars being fitted with 18 inch-plus tyres has increased by a third in three years, our new data shows. In the first quarter of 2021, 42% of cars fitted with tyres through TyreServe were 18 inches or over. This increased to 47% in for the same period in 2022, 52% in…
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Fleet parts prices have risen by more than a third in four years

Our new data shows average fleet parts prices have risen by more than a third (35%) in four years. Using a basket of common parts including front discs and pads, wiper blades, clutch, pollen filter, headlamp bulbs and spark plugs, the total cost has risen from £713 in 2020 to £963 in 2024. The biggest…
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VWFS Vehicles

Average age of fleet cars and vans continued to rise in 2023

Our new data shows that, in 2023, the average age of fleet cars and vans continued to rise. The average age of a fleet car in 2023, at the point of service or repair, was 3.00 years, compared to 2.86 in 2022, 2.74 in 2021, 2.55 in 2020 and 2.40 in 2019. For vans, the…
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1link Service Network fleet transactions increased by 6% in 2023

Our 1link Service Network Platform saw a 6% increase in transactions during 2023. 1link Service Network also enjoyed a strong year internationally, with invoices raised by users in Denmark rising by 22%, by 12% in Ireland, by 8% in France and by 7% in Portugal. Tim Meadows, Chief Commercial Officer, said that 2023’s figures followed…
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1link Service Network is 20 years old!

1link Service Network is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month, a milestone for fleet service, maintenance and repair technology. 1link Service Network was launched in 2003 and was the first SMR processing platform of its kind and has become the de facto method for fleets to handle transactions with franchise dealers, independent garages and fast-fits.…
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Fleet servicing lead times up 57% since start of pandemic

Lead times for fleet service, maintenance and repair (SMR) have risen by more than 57% since the start of the pandemic, according to new data from our 1link Service Network platform. In January 2020, the average time between when a company car or van booking was created to when the vehicle went in for work…
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EV charging

Fleet data shows that EV tyres are lasting 6,350 miles fewer than petrol or diesel

New data, from our 1link Service Network platform, suggests that tyres fitted to electric vehicles (EVs) are lasting, on average, 6,350 fewer miles than those fitted to petrol or diesel cars. The first tyre change for electric cars is taking place at an average of 17,985 miles and 551 days old, compared to 24,641 miles…
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1link Service Network and REALtime Communications’ integration opens the door to faster booking

For the first time without the need for human intervention, company car, van and truck drivers can book into workshop diaries online, using 1link Service Network’s new integration with REALtime Communications (RTC). Using our Driver Booking Module, which can be accessed through almost any digital device, users can select their preferred dealer, view the slots…
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Northern Ireland is UK’s worst region and North West is best for fleet vehicle off-road times

Northern Ireland has the longest average fleet vehicle off-road (VOR) times in the UK at 2.40 days, according to new figures we’ve released. In comparison, the shortest VOR wait is in the North West, with 1.82 days between when a car or van enters a workshop and is finally repaired. The statistics have been compiled…
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New mobility companies want digitalised approach to fleet SMR

New mobility companies want an approach to fleet service, maintenance and repair (SMR) that matches their own digital infrastructures, epyx is reporting. These organisations were built on fast, accurate and efficient digital processes that benefited both themselves and their customers, explained Marc Lees, Business Development Director, and were looking for similar methods from SMR suppliers.…
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