Utilise data to drive confident decision making

With reports and dashboard suites providing an array of insights


1link Insights is your window into the large volume, high-quality data which is produced across 1link products on a daily basis.

This data is up-to-date, robust and based on real-world use, giving you invaluable insights which you can use for forecasting, decision making and benchmarking.

Fleet Improvement Dashboards

The 1link Service Network Insights Fleet Improvement Dashboards use data from nearly 15 million transactions on 1link Service Network.

The dashboards provide multiple benefits, including:
– Aiding in forecasting and decision-making
– Visual dashboards enable quick and easy interpretation of the data, without requiring analytical skills
– Benchmarking your data against 1link data – a large volume of high-quality data that is up-to-date, robust and based on real-world use – so you can understand how you compare

There are two dashboards currently available:
1. Service, Maintenance and Repair (SMR) Benchmarking
2. Lifetime SMR Benchmarking


Network Performance and Opportunities Reports

The 1link Insights Network Performance & Opportunities Reports give your Service Centre performance insight and competitive intelligence to drive confident decision-making.

– NPOR – With 12 months of rolling data, the report compares your garage performance with competitors in the region.
– NPOR✚ – Includes even more data, including the status of your Service Centre and agreed rates with the Fleet Operators you trade with