A key being passed through the open window of a car to the driver

We predict that connected vehicles will deliver a new level of transparency for daily rental fleets

We are predicting that daily rental fleets look set to benefit from the availability of a new generation of products utilising connected vehicle data. Tim Meadows, Chief Commercial Officer says the development will bring a previously unavailable level of transparency to how short term hire cars and vans are being used in real world conditions.…
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We’re celebrating our 500,000th fleet vehicle sale through 1link Disposal Network

The 500,000th fleet vehicle sale through our 1link Disposal Network platform took place recently. The grey, 30,000 mile, 2019 Volkswagen Golf was bought by a dealer in Anglia from a major leasing company. The platform can credibly claim to be one of the longest-established online sales channels for fleets to sell cars, vans and trucks…
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Engine management faults head up list of used car warranty claims

Our analysis shows engine management faults head up the list of claims made against used car warranties in the last eighteen months. The remainder of the five most common issues recorded are, in order, air conditioning systems, oxygen sensors, battery charging circuits and water pumps. The analysis uses data drawn from almost 418,000 policies. Our…
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Our new data shows that the age of a company car has risen since the pandemic by over a year

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, the average age of a petrol car that is going through service, maintenance or repair (SMR) has increased by over a year. Taken from our 1link Service Network platform, data shows similarities as the average age of a diesel van going through SMR has risen from 31…
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Have we solved the long-distance repair problem for nationwide dealers?

Well, hopefully. A new way of utilising our 1link Service Network platform is solving post-sale problems for dealers who retail used cars to a national customer base online. Marc Lees, business development director, explained that when a car was delivered to a customer living distant from the supplying dealer which went on to develop a…
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Epyx: Fleet management

Our new data shows ex-fleet electric vehicles take longer than ICE to sell to dealers

Ex-fleet electric vehicles (EVs) are taking more than twice as long to sell as internal combustion engine (ICE) models, according to our new data, but the situation could change quickly. Data from our 1link Disposal Network platform shows that petrol cars and vans take an average of 10 days to sell, 11 days for diesel…
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Our new data shows electric company car tyres are bigger and more expensive than ICE

Our new real world data shows that, on average, electric company car tyres are both bigger and more expensive than petrol or diesel equivalents. The average replacement tyre fitted to an electric vehicle (EV) is 18.59 inches and costs £207, whereas, for internal combustion engine (ICE) cars, the figures are 17.40 inches and £130. The…
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EMaC partner with us for motor warranty repair processing

We’re excited to announce that we are partnering with EMaC to digitally process its motor warranty repair approvals. EMaC will use our 1link Service Network e-commerce platform to submit, approve and pay repair requests made by dealerships and independent service centres. John O’Donnell, Managing Director at EMaC, says the new arrangement would help create a…
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BGAG acquisition extends our European footprint to over five million vehicles

Our European footprint has been substantially extended this week with the acquisition by our parent company, FLEETCOR, of Business Gateway AG (BGAG). Founded in 2000, BGAG provides leasing companies operating almost one million vehicles in Germany, Switzerland and eight other European countries with sophisticated tyre and service, maintenance and repair (SMR) management technology, connecting them…
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Our new report aims to help garages maximise electric vehicle business

Our new report is designed to help garages maximise the amount of electric vehicle (EV) service, maintenance, and repair (SMR) business they win. The Electric Vehicle Network Performance and Opportunities Report (EV NPOR) is compiled specifically for each subscribing business, providing both extensive national data and benchmarking against local garages potentially competing for similar business.…
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