New network of motor warranty claims garages

Our new network of garages that we have created are keen to undertake motor warranty work. With over 1,400 suppliers across the UK, it gives warranty providers access to national coverage of workshops who want to fulfil claims.

Marc Lees, Director of Business Development at epyx, said, “One of the success stories at epyx in recent years has been the number of warranty companies who have adopted our 1link Service Network for processing warranty claims.

“Of course, the platform was designed for fleets buying service, maintenance and repair, but the processes used for that kind of work are almost identical to those used by warranty companies, so it has proven a very good fit.

“Essentially, it provides warranty companies with a high degree of control over where and when claims work is undertaken, as well as the ability to manage the job being done and identify high quality workshops to handle the repairs.”

Now there are multiple motor warranty companies working with epyx, totalling more than 700,000 vehicle policies managed, including RAMP, Autoguard and EMAC.

“Rather than each new warranty company who works with us having to construct their own network of suppliers within 1link Service Network, it makes absolute sense to have a ready-made selection of garages that are actively seeking this kind of work.

“These workshops have a proven track record over many years on the platform and are keen to attract more warranty repairs. Becoming part of the new network offers them a range of key advantages including faster payment.”

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