New 1link Disposal Network tool lets fleets add “special offers” to promote disposals

1link Disposal Network has launched a new tool called Campaign Manager which can be used to apply a range of incentives such as, low-interest stocking loads and free delivery, to remarketed vehicles.

Tim Meadows, chief commercial officer said: ” Campaign Manager gives remarketing managers access to a range of special offers that are used every day in all kinds of retail avenues to help persuade people to click on the ‘buy’ button.

“We envisage it mainly being used to speed up sales. Turning assets into cash quickly is a key aspect of remarketing for fleets and the options that can be added essentially give dealers and other trade buyers one more good reason to purchase a vehicle in the moment.”

Tim explained that the new marketing tool, Campaign Manager, could be applied to vehicles either on an individual basis or have rules set up that apply to all defleeting activity.

“If you have a vehicle listed on 1link Trade Buyer that hasn’t received as much interest from dealers as you’d hoped, you can add new incentives to buy specifically for that vehicle. However, you could also set up a rule that, for example, automatically applied free delivery to any panel van from a specific manufacturer if it hadn’t sold after 10 days.”

Our account management team were also available to offer advice about the offers that were most likely to work with certain vehicles and when.

“As with any other sector, what proves successful in bringing a sale home in remarketing changes over time, and we are able to provide guidance to fleets about the best way to apply these new marketing options to the cars, vans and trucks they are defleeting.

“Campaign Manager is just one of a range of enhancements being added to 1link Disposal Network in 2024 but, we believe, could prove to be one of the most effective. It delivers a whole new range of proactive marketing approaches for fleets.”

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