1link Service Network fleet transactions increased by 6% in 2023

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Our 1link Service Network Platform saw a 6% increase in transactions during 2023.

1link Service Network also enjoyed a strong year internationally, with invoices raised by users in Denmark rising by 22%, by 12% in Ireland, by 8% in France and by 7% in Portugal.

Tim Meadows, Chief Commercial Officer, said that 2023’s figures followed on from a successful 2022, when record annual growth had been recorded.

“There have been a number of trends powering growth in transactions through the platform, some affecting the wider market and some specific to epyx.

“The key general fact is that fleets continue to operate cars and vans for much longer than prior to the pandemic, meaning they simply require more SMR actions. While there are some indications that this situation is in the process of stabilising as new vehicle supply gradually improves, the prospect of returning to the shorter replacement cycles seen previously seems remote, at least for the foreseeable future.

“As far as epyx is concerned, we have experienced some important developments, including use of 1link Service Network from a number of customers in new sectors, notably warranty companies, who are using the platform to deliver repairs in order to take greater control over the claims process. We have also seen dealers start to use the platform to repair cars sold on a distance basis that have developed faults after delivery.

“Finally, we are also seeing progress internationally, with increases in use for the platform in Denmark, Ireland, France and Portugal, which is very gratifying.”

Tim also added that in 2023 we celebrated a company milestone, the 20th anniversary of the launch of 1link Service Network.

“The platform was really the first SMR processing product of its kind and rapidly became the de facto method for large fleets to handle all transactions with franchise dealers, independent garages and fast-fits.

“Today, 1link Service Network is used by 105 major vehicle operators including 41 of the UK’s top 50 leasing companies. Since its inception, more than 54 million repairs have been undertaken, 26 million services fulfilled, eight million MOT tests completed and almost five million tyres fitted, generating 46 million invoices and a spend of nearly £10 billion.

“It has been continuously developed over time to take account of changing fleet and garage needs, as well as advances in technology. Today’s product fulfils essentially the same role as in 2003 but has been continually refined and evolved to the point where it provides a degree of control that is unrivalled by any other method of handling SMR. This ongoing evolution and relevance is central to the platform’s ongoing growth.”

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