We’re celebrating our 500,000th fleet vehicle sale through 1link Disposal Network

The 500,000th fleet vehicle sale through our 1link Disposal Network platform took place recently.

The grey, 30,000 mile, 2019 Volkswagen Golf was bought by a dealer in Anglia from a major leasing company.

The platform can credibly claim to be one of the longest-established online sales channels for fleets to sell cars, vans and trucks to vehicle retailers, having been established in 2005.

Tim Meadows, Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Hitting the 500,000th sale milestone is a considerable achievement and shows how well 1link Disposal Network works for large fleets such as leasing companies that need to remarket vehicles easily and effectively.

“In recent years, we have invested heavily in ensuring that the platform is continually enhanced in an increasingly digitalised remarketing sector, and the result has been rapidly rising traffic. Several of the last few years have seen record sales volumes.

“This is a product that has always been designed to provide maximum flexibility for fleets disposing of cars and vans, and this adaptability has been key to its success, providing fleets with the means to use different routes to market, ranging from auctions to dealers.”

He added that a noteable new development for 1link Disposal Network was the relatively high number of electric vehicles (EVs) now being sold through the platform.

“We are seeing exponential increases in EV sales as cars start to feed through to the used market in higher numbers. Year to date sales for 2023 are over 600% up on the previous year.

“Interestingly, they are being bought by all kinds of dealers, showing their increasing retail appeal – although there is a two-to-one split in favour of franchises against independents.”

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