Celebrating 3 years of 1link Service Network in Denmark

We are celebrating our third anniversary of business in Denmark with five leasing companies and two new importers now using our 1link Service Network platform.

The leasing companies are ALD, NF Fleet, Opendo, Fleggaard Leasing, Jyske Finans with importers Semler Mobility Import and Hessel Trucks. They are all using 1link Service Network to manage their vehicle servicing, maintenance and repair (SMR).

Jim Claridge, our Head of Account Management – UK and Europe, said “Our presence in the Danish market has developed quickly over the last three years and we are pleased to be working with so many of the country’s leasing companies and importers. We now have over 137,000 vehicles on the platform and are processing around 215,000 invoices every year with a total value of over 500 million Danish Kroner.

“epyx today has a genuine market presence here and we feel there is increasing momentum behind adoption of the platform. We hope to be in a position to announce more leasing company signings soon.”

Rasmus Jenson, who takes care of SMR for the Semler fleet, said “Migrating to 1link Service Network last year has allowed us to access the high level of automation and process efficiency that we expect from an online authorisation platform.

“We’re looking forward to working closely with the team at epyx in the future to further develop our use of the system, and are excited to see what new innovations they bring to the Danish market”

Jim also said that epyx have put considerable resources into making sure 1link Service Network integrates with the following major solutions that are used by garages supplying SMR services, including CDK, Semler IT, Datamann and Incadea.

“The garage network on 1link Service Network has grown to over 900 franchised dealers, independent workshops and tyre fitters, and a key element of this is the ease of use provided by our seamless integration with four of Denmark’s widely used, well-established dealer and workshop management systems.

“We are very committed to this market and its users in the long term and are planning to make the necessary investments over time to enhance our products and services”.

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