1link Service Network transactions rise by 17% in record year

Car on Ramp - Service Network Image

For our 1link Service Network, maintenance and repair (SMR) platform, 2022 was a record year with the total number of UK transactions increasing by 17% on the previous 12 months.

Our product also experienced a strong year internationally with the quantity of invoices raised by users in Ireland up 220%, in Denmark by 209%, in Portugal by 12% and in France by 6%.

1link Service Network is used by fleets totalling more than four million cars, vans and trucks to manage their SMR processes, working with thousands of franchise dealers, independent garages and fast fits.

Tim Meadows, our Chief Commercial Officer, said “It is perhaps remarkable that 1link Service Network is posting record performance figures more than 20 years after it was first introduced. This achievement is very much due to the policy of ongoing development that we apply to the platform and which continues to bring new efficiencies to our fleet customers. Simply, the product is growing because it is getting more effective.”

“It’s especially pleasing to see progress across our other European territories. International expansion is a big theme for epyx for the next few years.

“We’ve started work on a project called 1link Service Network 2.0 which is the first total rewrite of the platform since it was first created and will ensure it is ready for the demands of the decades ahead. The first results of this should be seen later in 2023 and are designed to help drive further growth.”

Our other platforms have also seen a significant year-on-year growth with fleet daily rental bookings through 1link Hire Network up by 47% and invoices for TyreServe up by 33%.

Tim said “The growth of these platforms is based on two factors. Firstly, it is very much part of a widely recognised move towards digitalisation since the pandemic, with more and more companies looking to use technology to streamline processes in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The second is simply thanks to the ongoing investment that we have made in ensuring that these platforms continue to break new ground.”

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