Fleets look to reduce vehicle remarketing movements to meet net-zero targets

Vehicle Movements

Major fleets are increasingly seeking to reduce vehicle movements in order to minimise the carbon footprint of their remarketing activities.  

Working with several large vehicle leasing companies through our 1link Disposal Network platform, the subject is increasingly a discussion point and is also being made part of some disposal policies.

Debbie Fox, commercial director at epyx, said: “Cars and vans going through disposal processes can travel surprisingly large distances – through collection from the original customer, undergoing a condition assessment, preparation for sale, photography for online sales, transportation to auction and more.

“As an increasing number of fleets, especially leading leasing companies, adopt corporate policies that commit them to work towards net-zero targets, there is a growing realisation that these types of operations may no longer be sustainable and that better solutions need to be found.

“Initially, there is a focus on using facilities where as much of the sale preparation process as possible can be undertaken at one location, as well as potentially moving more sales online.

“Fleets are talking to us about this because it is something that we are able to help facilitate. 1link Disposal Network can be used to manage the entire remarketing process but is supplier agnostic – fleets are free to use whoever they want with automatic event scheduling covering actions such as inspections, movements and repairs  – and so changes in policy such as those necessary to reduce their carbon footprint are relatively easy to enact.”

Debbie added that 1link Trade Buyer, the vehicle auction platform, had enjoyed its best ever year in 2020 in terms of sales volumes despite ongoing used car and van stock shortages.

“Overall, the number of vehicles sold was 8% ahead of 2020 and also exceeded 2019, which was the previous record year, by 2%. We are seeing use of the platform by major fleets increasing and this is because of its flexibility and effectiveness in a remarketing sector that has been characterised by rapid change in recent years, something that looks set to continue.”

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