Launch of The Network Performance and Opportunities Report Plus (NPOR+)

We have launched a new report that is designed to help garages maximise the amount of service, maintenance and repair (SMR) business they are winning from major fleets.

The Network Performance and Opportunities Report Plus (NPOR+) is an addition to the existing NPOR report, providing further data that workshop managers themselves have been requesting. Both reports are based on the transactions that each garage undertakes through 1link Service Network platform.

Ryan Wakeman, Head of Inside Sales at epyx, said: “NPOR was launched three years ago and has proven very successful with 1,700 subscribers, 79% of which are franchise dealers and 21% independent.

“It highlights areas such as where job leakage to other SMR providers is occurring, on which types of work, where missed opportunities for jobs are happening, and also helps them benchmark their performance against recent years.

“However, there are other areas of SMR activity where workshop managers have been asking us for additional data and we are delivering this through NPOR+. It is very much a product that has been driven by customer demands.”

Information delivered in NPOR+ includes contract information for major fleets covering hourly labour rates, parts discounts and commission; breakdown of SMR spending by major fleets with which the garage has preferred and non-preferred agreements; warnings of non-compliance issues that are slowing job approval; fleet job approval times by average; the percentage of automated job approvals by fleet; and also information about where opportunities for maximising tyre sales have been missed. If the garage is subscribed to Customer Service Index (CSI), a customer service report will be included showing how they are scoring including written feedback.

Ryan continued: “A service manager can look at this individualised information and very quickly work out areas where they can make changes that will have an immediate and beneficial effect on their business.

“This might be as simple as adjusting the labour rate they are charging to a major customer, looking to speed up approval times with another, or ensuring that opportunities for tyre sales while vehicles are in the workshop aren’t missed.

“In a sector where high quality data is difficult to find, NPOR has proven itself to offer real value.”

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