Warranty companies aiming for improved claims processes through better technology

Epyx: 1link Service Network - vehicle maintenance

A new trend has emerged in 2021 for motor warranty companies to improve their claims handling processes through improved technology, we are reporting.

Marc Lees, Head of Business Development at epyx, said that the company was in the process of signing several warranty providers that are active in the UK used car and van market to the 1link Service Network platform.

He explained: “1link Service Network was initially designed for fleets to manage their service, maintenance and repair (SMR) needs, and is used on that basis to look after four million company cars, vans and trucks. However, the claims processes used by most warranty companies closely mirror fleet SMR procedures, so the platform works just as well in that context. It is all about managing a claim from first notification through to a repair being completed. 1link helps to find the right repairer and manage the process at the right quality, cost and speed.

“The warranty companies that we are now working with very much want to make improvements in this area to enhance customer service, control spending, confirm repair standards, and ensure timeliness, and are looking to technology to make these advances. Why this is happening as a trend now is not immediately clear, but we are seeing a wider move towards digitisation in the wake of the pandemic.”

Marc said that, as well as the core processing procedures included in 1link Service Network, epyx was also able to provide warranty providers with access to its 9,000-strong network of franchise dealers, independent garages, body repair centres and fast-fit centres.

“Most of the warranty companies that we are talking to have their own networks but they tend to be counted in the hundreds. As part of the implementation process, we’ll be inviting those existing suppliers to join our platform, if they are not already members.

“We are also able to offer sophisticated tools within 1link Service Network that allow conditional process automation. If a claim meets certain parameters in terms of cost and price, for example, approval can be automated and this should work well for warranty companies who tend to process many of the same kinds of work again and again.”

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