New product is starting point for future fleet connected car SMR

A new product we are launching later this quarter is being presented as our starting point for future fleet connected car developments in service, maintenance and repair (SMR).

The Driver Booking Module is aimed at the fleets that use our 1link Service Network platform to manage their SMR requirements.

It will enable company car and van drivers to book SMR directly with garages online, using any recognised mobile device or computer, and nominate up to three potential booking dates from within a defined network, which will then be confirmed by the garage.

Importantly, all communication between driver and garage – including initial bookings, amendments, cancellations and other queries – occurs directly through the platform without the need for any fleet intervention.

All of this takes place within a sophisticated rule engine configured by the leasing company within 1link Service Network, leaving them in complete control of key cost and safety parameters ranging from supplier choice to automatic job authorisation spending limits.

However, Debbie Fox, Commercial Director, explains that the excitement surrounding the product was not just about what it could do now, but where it could be taken in the next couple of years.

“Connected car technology has been growing in prevalence for a little while but there is a sense that the fleet industry is starting to focus on how to make best use of its possibilities as part of enhancing their digital offering.

“Now, we very much feel that some kind of consensus is beginning to emerge, which is why we have designed the Driver Booking Module as a starting point for fleet connected car future developments.

“There is a product pathway being developed that could include enhancements over time such as safety recalls, ADAS integration, automatic odometer readings and real-time diary integration, all made possible wholly or in part by connected technology.

“We see this very much as the next chapter in the development of 1link Service Network as technology opens a new range of possibilities surrounding SMR for our users. We are very excited about what the future could be and how epyx could be at the forefront of these advances.”

She added that the initial iteration of the Driver Booking Module provided a fast, efficient and simple way of digitalising and streamlining the SMR booking process through 1link Service Network for company vehicle drivers, leasing companies and mobility providers.

“To support speedy adoption we can offer either a branded version of the newly-designed interface, or an API that means it can be integrated into existing web sites or apps.

“We’ve already shown the product to a number of fleets who are pursuing digitalisation strategies. Its benefits are clear and the future possibilities are considerable.”

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