New Fines Module added to 1link Hire Network

Fines module

A new Fines Module – designed to handle the charging of driver fines on short-term rental back to the fleet customer – has been added to our 1link Hire Network platform.

Daily rental companies can create a new fine within 1link Hire Network by completing all the relevant details within the module together with associated documents and invoice details.

This is then submitted directly to the fleet customer or any appropriate intermediary, where it can be seen on-screen within a single view and either approved manually or set up for automatic approval if it meets a series of pre-agreed rules.

An event history provides a clear audit trail for the entire process and fines invoices can also be extracted into sales and purchase exports for use in accounting systems.

Debbie Fox, Commercial Director, said: “Driver fines are perhaps the most contentious area of all for daily rental companies and their customers, taking up a disproportionate amount of time and effort.

“The Fines Module is designed to remove much of this pain for everyone involved in the process, creating an infrastructure through which fines can be handled quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

“This is something that has been created very much in response to demand from 1link Hire Network customers and will, we are sure, be widely adopted very quickly.”

This Fines Module will be further enhanced with dedicated fines reports for hire suppliers and their customers, enhanced validation rules and automated e-mail options.

1link Hire Network is the market-leading rental platform in the UK fleet sector, adopted by more than 50 vehicle hire suppliers working with thousands of fleet operators of all sizes.

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