Getting everyone together to talk about 1link

1link Live

Users of epyx’s 1link fleet platforms together operate more than four million company vehicles, so it is probably going to be impossible to ever get them all in the same room.

However, we’ve just done what might be the next best thing in holding our first-ever 1link Live event, which brought more than 150 of our customers together. Held at The Slate, Warwick University, it was designed to combine detailed product updates with a wider view of developments in motoring and mobility.

So, speakers included Alan King, group president, Europe and Australasia of epyx’s parent company, FLEETCOR, and Aditya Varadpande, managing director of epyx, alongside Professor Paul Jennings, lead for connected and autonomous vehicles at Warwick Manufacturing Group and Nick King, insight director at Auto Trader.

Following these presentations, there were also breakout product sessions that showed users some of the latest, best-practice thinking for the 1link platforms as well as looking at ways to help tackle emerging issues facing the fleet sector.

Aditya said: “Our 1link platforms set the fleet industry standards for service and maintenance, short term hire, vehicle purchase and disposal, and are crucial to the success of our customers.

“We are always looking for new ways to communicate with our users and now seemed an excellent time to hold our first 1link conference and tell them about the latest developments at epyx ranging from the investments we are making to new technology.

“1link Live was very well supported and feedback from delegates showed that they found it very useful, both in terms of how to maximise the benefits of working with us and looking at some of the wider developments in the fleet, motor and transport sectors. “The whole exercise was very successful, we believe, and we are discussing holding a repeat event covering similar ground in the future.”


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