Higher level of data security for fleets promised by new data accreditation

Data security for fleet management

A higher level of information assurance for fleets is being promised by a widely-recognised certification achieved by us this week.

We have met the ISO27001:2013 standard, which specifies and audits processes intended to bring information under clear and unambiguous management control.

Tim Meadows, Commercial Director, said: “At the most fundamental level, this makes a statement that we take data security seriously for the fleets totalling more than four million vehicles who use our platforms.

“It shows that we have a framework and processes in place that meet an internationally recognised standard designed to support the business in tackling potential threats and vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis.

“At a time when organisations of all sizes and types are increasingly aware of the possibility and implications of data breaches, it should create a high degree of reassurance.”

To achieve ISO27001, we have undergone an external assessment carried out by NQA, a UKAS accredited certification body, which assessed the organisation’s compliance across the whole of the standard in order to achieve certification.

The certification covers 12 defined areas – risk assessment, security policy, organisation of information security, asset management, human resources security, physical and environmental security, communications and operations management, access control, information systems acquisition, information security incident management, business continuity management and compliance.


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