Transactions Through ServicePoint Doubled During 2018, New Figures Show

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The number of fleet transactions through ServicePoint doubled year-on-year in 2018 to more than 32,000, according to figures released this week.

The service, maintenance and repair portal is provided by AllStar Business Solutions using technology from epyx.

Further statistics made available show that almost 3,000 businesses used ServicePoint with an average fleet size of 28 vehicles and a range from as few as three to more than 500. Their total spend was around £9 million.

The most popular car belonging to a ServicePoint user was the Ford Mondeo but the most popular vehicle overall was the Ford Transit.

Since its launch in 2017, ServicePoint has been used for a total of 58,000 transactions and a total spend of £17 million.

Paul Holland, Chief Operating Officer, at Allstar, said: “ServicePoint is an online portal designed to make the management of service, maintenance and repair as easy as possible for businesses, usually SMEs, that maintain privately-managed company vehicles but lack the resources required to proactively manage service, maintenance and repair.

“Essentially, ServicePoint enables businesses to take control over where they have their vehicles serviced, repaired and maintained, what they pay and the work that is done.

“Free of charge, available with or without an AllStar fuel card, and easy to adopt, it offers a large network of suppliers with negotiated discounts, access to technical expertise, price validation technology and all paperwork reduced to a single invoice.”

ServicePoint is unique in that, unlike other fleet management software, it can directly connect an SME with a whole ecosystem of reputable suppliers and garages whilst also reconciling transactions as they occur into usable and easily accessible reporting data.

It is designed to give back control, convenience and opportunity to the SME market segment so that they can operate more efficiently and effectively. For example, as well as servicing, maintenance and repair, the platform also allows businesses to perform services like MOTs, glass installation and tyre fitting from the touch of a button – with all of the necessary booking, authorisation and invoicing being reconciled and accessible from one place.     

Paul continued: “Take-up of ServicePoint continues to rise significantly. We believe that it really is a game changer and a far more effective way to manage your fleet more efficiently. 

“We now have a large community of regular customers who are highly enthusiastic about ServicePoint and their positive experiences will continue to drive further uptake during this year, when our aim is to treble the number of transactions over 2017.”

Both AllStar Business Services and epyx are owned by FLEETCOR Technologies.


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