New module designed to make managing daily rental damage easier

New module designed to make managing daily rental damage easier

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A new tool created by Epyx has been designed to make car and van damage easier to manage for both fleets using daily rental and their suppliers.

The Damage Module creates a controlled, transparent, efficient process for handling damage that occurs during rentals to fleets through the 1link Hire Network platform, says Epyx.

Key features include the ability to raise a damage notification of intent, upload pictures and damage details, create an invoice and also handle both claims and rejections. There is also an engineer escalation process that includes a full audit trail, and automated communications are sent to all parties involved in the process to provide regular updates.

Phil Davis (pictured), product manager at Epyx, explained: “Managing the rectification and recharging of damage to rental vehicles is a time consuming and distracting process for everyone involved. The Damage Module allows valid claims to be processed quickly and without fuss.

“It was developed with the input of both rental suppliers and fleets who use 1link Hire Network and the finished product is, we believe, a genuinely innovative and highly efficient solution to this problem.

“We have been investing at a considerable level in enhancing 1link Hire Network over the last couple of years, adding new tools and features, and the Damage Module is one of the most significant.”

1link Hire Network is a rental platform in the fleet sector, adopted by more than 50 vehicle hire suppliers working with thousands of UK fleets.

For purchasers of daily rental services such as major fleets, 1link Hire Network provides online management of daily rental, including multi-supplier quotations and subsequent booking.

For daily rental suppliers, it provides access to new customers as well as electronically validated bookings alongside a range of other major process improvements.


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