Vehicle history is number one factor for online trade buyers, survey shows

Vehicle history is number one factor for online trade buyers, survey shows

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A comprehensive vehicle history is the number one factor for trade buyers when acquiring used cars and vans online, new research from Epyx shows.

It was named by 88% of those surveyed, followed by the ability to choose from a wide range of vehicles on 80%, minimizing auction fees on 68%, access to a large number of car brands in on 63% and access to expert account management on 47%.

Vicky Gardner, remarketing commercial manager at Epyx, said: “These results give what we believe is a really accurate snapshot of how trade buyers view online buying at the moment.

“What they want is an excellent choice of stock, backed with strong provenance and low fees. It is all about getting high quality cars onto their web site and forecourt at minimum cost.”

The majority of the 157 people surveyed – 52% – tend to use both online and physical auctions although a substantial number – 43% – use online only.

Gardner continued: “We have been seeing an ongoing shift towards online buying. The advantages are just too strong for most trade buyers to ignore although most also continue to like to visit physical auctions on a regular basis because of the ‘feel’ that it gives them for the current state of the market.”

The research was carried out by Epyx in support of its 1link Disposal Network platform, where almost 2,000 trade buyers gain exclusive access to an extensive range of quality ex-fleet, leasing and manufacturer vehicles from major fleets and manufacturers. 

Gardner said: “We are seeing use of 1link Disposal Network increase massively on a month-by-month basis and this is happening because the platform ticks all of these boxes.

“It is not only one of the longest-established and best-known trade sites but it has been continually developed to meet the needs of dealers today.”


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