Epyx wins Northern Ireland Ambulance service and maintenance deal

Epyx wins Northern Ireland Ambulance service and maintenance deal

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A new tender to supply service and maintenance technology to the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS) has been won by Epyx.

The fleet will continue to use the company’s 1link Service Network platform to manage all of its SMR needs, renewing a deal that was originally struck in April last year.

NIAS has 46 stations and deployment points spread over 5,345 square miles, serving a population of more than 1.8 million. Its 320 vehicles are based throughout Northern Ireland and are maintained by both external contractors and an in-house maintenance workshop based in Belfast.

Michael Heasley, fleet manager at NIAS, said: “Following a new tender, we will continue to use 1link Service Network as a means for our external contractors to gain approval to carry out repairs or maintenance on NIAS vehicles.

“The platform will facilitate communication between NIAS and its contractors and hold detailed fleet records of all the vehicles and on completion of the process generate an electronic invoice on behalf of the external contractors.

“Over several years, our experience of using 1link Service Network to ensure maximum uptime – essential for a blue light fleet – while minimising SMR costs and meeting all safety requirements has been very positive.”

Marc Lees, business development manager at Epyx, said: “We are very pleased to re-sign our deal with NIAS. As a business, we are working with more and more blue light fleets who are coming to recognised the benefits that 1link Service Network offers when it comes to their particular needs.”

1link Service Network is used by fleets totalling more than three million vehicles to manage their service and maintenance needs with 18,000 franchise dealers, independent garages and fast-fits.


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