1link update

FTP no longer supported after 2020

September 2020

We take security issues seriously here at epyx and this latest measure is part of our on-going commitment to delivering our technology within a secure environment.

What is changing and why?

To improve the security of our 1link platforms, we are changing the process by which files are sent to and from the 1link platform from FTP/FTPS to SFTP. This move will ensure that confidential and personal data is more securely transferred to and from our servers. Once this migration is successful we will no longer be supporting FTP/FTPS connections.

What is SFTP?

FTP stands for file transfer protocol. There is a more secure version of FTP, called FTPS, which stands for FTP over ssl – which is also encrypted. SFTP stands for secure file transfer protocol. Using SFTP means that data is heavily encrypted by you before transfer, and decrypted by us when we receive your data (and vice versa). While in transit between our two SFTP devices it is virtually impossible to intercept and decrypt.

More importantly, only someone with your special “private” key can send and receive files that we can understand (using a public key that you send us). Even if someone were to have access to your login credentials, they would not be able to use the file transfer service to access your data.

How do I connect to epyx using SFTP?

You will connect to the SFTP server using a two-factor password and key authentication.

• Connection can be made by any software that supports SFTP with two-factor password and key authentication (e.g. filezilla)
• The protocol is SFTP
• The SFTP server hostname is secureftp.1link.com
• You will need to use both password and private key

What do I need to do?

You will need to generate both a public and private encryption key in order to access the SFTP server

• You retain the private key (it is hosted in your SFTP client) for use when connecting to the SFTP server
• You will need to supply the public key to epyx, this can be done in either text or file format
• Authentication keys should be generated at a strength of 2048 bit SSH-2/RSA
• If you currently do not have any way of generating these keys, there are free key generators available, such as puttygen
• You will be responsible for the security of the SFTP connection and you should not share your credentials with third parties

What will epyx provide?

On request, we will provide you with a login name and password for the SFTP server.

• Login names will be alphanumeric
• Passwords will be 12 characters including upper case and a number
• The login will be linked to the public encryption key supplied by you
• We will load the public encryption key that you send and assist you in testing your connection
• Once this migration is complete and you are successfully transferring files, we will, with your agreement, disable your FTP/FTPS connections.